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Table of Contents

Volume XIX Number 38
May 31, 2013

Book Reviews
Can 100 Animals on Parade!
  Masayuki Sebe.
Review by Roxy Garstad.
Preschool-grade 1 / Ages 3-6.
Can Not Your Typical Dragon.
  Dan Bar-el. Illustrated by Tim Bowers.
Review by Sabrina Wong.
Preschool-grade 1 / Ages 4-6.
Can Franklin and the Gecko Games. (Franklin and Friends).
  Harry Endrulat.
Review by Claire Perrin.
Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 4-7.
Can Jasper John Dooley Left Behind.
(Jasper John Dooley, Book 2).
  Caroline Anderson. Illustrated by Ben Clanton.
Review by Karen Rankin.
Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 4-7.
Can Belle's Journey.
  Marilynn Reynolds. Illustrated by Stephen McCallum.
Review by Harriet Zaidman.
Kindergarten-grade 3 / Ages 5-8.
Can A Narrow Escape. (The Lobster Chronicles).
  Jessica Scott Kerrin. Illustrated by Shelagh Armstrong.
Review by Jonine Bergen.
Grades 2-5 / Ages 7-10.
Can Mr. Flux.
  Kyo Maclear. Illustrated by Matte Stephens.
Review by Lian Beveridge.
Grades 3-7 / Ages 8-12.
Can Max Finder Mystery: Collected Casebook. Volume 7.

Craig Battle. Created by Liam O’Donnell.
Illustrated by Ramón Pérez.
Review by Crystal Sutherland.
Grades 3-7 / Ages 8-12.

Can Keepers of Life: Discovering Plants Through Native American Stories and Earth Activities for Children.
  Michael J. Caduto and Joseph Bruchac.
Illustrated by John Kahionhes Fadden and
David Kanietakeron Fadden.
Review by Rachel Yaroshuk.
Grades 3-8 / Ages 8-13.
Can Plague! (Crabtree Chrome).
  Lynn Peppas.
Review by Ian Stewart.
Grades 3-9 / Ages 8-14.
Can A Taste of Heaven.
  Meg Tilly.
Review by Alicia Cheng.
Grades 4-7 / Ages 9-12.
Can No Borders = Kigliqangittuq. (The Land is Our Storybook).
  Darla Evyagotailak and Mindy Willet. Photography by Tessa Macintosh.
Review by Linda Ludke.
Grades 4-7 / Ages 9-12.
Can Showtime: Meet the People Behind the Scenes.
  Kevin Sylvester.
Review by Dave Jenkinson.
Grades 4 and up / Ages 9 and up.
Can Conspiracy! (Mystery Files).
  Charlie Samuels.
Review by Sherry Faller.
Grades 5-8 / Ages 10-13.
Can Emancipation. (Crabtree Chrome).
  Molly Aloian.
Review by Michelle Brown.
Grades 7-9 / Ages 12-14.
Can March on Washington. (Crabtree Chrome).
  Robin Johnson.
Review by Michelle Brown.
Grades 7-9 / Ages 12-14.
Can The Oathbreaker's Shadow.
  Amy McCulloch.
Review by Andrew Laudicina.
Grades 7 and up / Ages 12 and up.

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