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Table of Contents

Volume XX Number 40
June 19, 2015

Book Reviews
Can Up Hamster Down Hamster.
  Kass Reich.
Review by Dave Jenkinson.
Preschool / Birth-age 3.
Can Walk on the Wild Side. (Life in the Wild).
  Nicholas Oldland.
Review by Roxy Garstad.
Preschool-kindergarten / Ages 2-5.
Can Where Do Babies Come From? Our First Talk About Birth. (Just Enough: Difficult Topics Made Easy).
  Jillian Roberts. Illustrated by Cindy Revell.
Review by Harriet Zaidman.
Preschool-grade 3 / Ages 4-8.
Can In the Waves.
  Lennon & Maisy Stella. Illustrated by Steve Björkman.
Review by Jane Whittingham.
Preschool-grade 3 / Ages 4-8.
Can My Family Tree and Me.
  Dušan Petricic.
Review by Reesa Cohen.
Preschool-grade 4 / Ages 4-9.
Can Rumpled Stilton Skin. (Tadpoles: Fairytale Twists).
  Daniel Postgate.
Review by Julianne Mutimer.
Kindergarten-grade 2 / Ages 5-7.
Can See You Next Year.
  Andrew Larsen. Illustrated by Todd Stewart.
Review by Jill Griffith.
Kindergarten-grade 3 / Ages 5-8.
Can Wandering Whale Sharks.
  Susumu Shingu. Translated by Ann B. Cary & Yasuko Shingu.
Review by Gillian Richardson.
Kindergarten-grade 3 / Ages 5-8.
Can Wild Ideas.
  Elin Kelsey. Artwork by Soyeon Kim.
Review by Teresa Iaizzo.
Grades 1-3 / Ages 6-8.
Can Sport-O-Rama.
  Benoit Tardif.
Review by Gail Hamilton.
Grades 2-3 / Ages 7-8.
Can Introducing Mr. B.: The Farmer Collection.
  Norman Thomson. Illustrated by Nicholas Lennox.
Review by Sherry Faller.
Grades 3-6 / Ages 8-11.
Can Introducing Mr. B.: The Friends Collection.
  Norman Thomson. Illustrated by Nicholas Lennox.
Review by Kerri Hutchinson.
Grades 3-5 / Ages 8-10.
Can Introducing Mr. B.: The Battle Collection.
  Norman Thomson. Illustrated by Nicholas Lennox.
Review by Meredith Harrison-Lim.
Grades 4-6 / Ages 9-11.
Can Galloping Through History: Amazing True Horse Stories.
  Elizabeth MacLeod.
Review by Kay Weisman.
Grades 4-6 / Ages 9-11.
Can The Secret of the Golden Flower. (A Nicki Haddon Mystery).
  Caroline Stellings.
Review by Mary Thomas.
Grades 6-10 / Ages 11-15.
Can Black Dove White Raven.
  Elizabeth Wein.
Review by Ann Ketcheson
Grades 7-10 / Ages 12-15.
Can Eco Warrior. (The Submarine Outlaw Series; 7).
  Philip Roy.
Review by Kim Aippersbach.
Grades 7-11 / Ages 12-16.
Can Fight Back. (SideStreets).
  Brent R. Sherrard.
Review by Scott Gordon.
Grades 9-12 / Ages 14-17.
Can Vanished.
  E. E. Cooper.
Review by Jocelyn Reekie.
Grades 9 and up / Ages 14 and up.
Can Residential Schools: With the Words and Images of Survivors.
  Larrie Loyie with Wayne K. Spear and Constance Brissenden.
Review by Joanne Peters.
Grades 10 and up / Ages 15 and up.

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