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Table of Contents

Volume XXIII Number 9
November 4, 2016

Book Reviews
Can Lucy & Company.
  Marianne Dubuc.
Review by Meredith Cleversey.
Preschool-kindergarten / Ages 2-5.
Can The Wish Tree.
  Kyo Maclear. Pictures by Chris Turnham.
Review by Roxy Garstad.
Preschool-kindergarten / Ages 3-5.
Can Hurry Up, Ilua!
  Nola Helen Hicks.
Review by Nikita Griffioen.
Preschool-grade 1 / Ages 4-6.
Can I Need a Hug.
  Aaron Blabey.
Review by Dave Jenkinson.
Preschool-grade 1 / Ages 4-6.
Can Bear’s Winter Party.
  Deborah Hodge. Illustrated by Lisa Cinar.
Review by Jane Whittingham.
Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 4-7.
Can The Pruwahaha Monster.
  Jean-Paul Mulders. Illustrated by Jacques Maes & Lise Braekers.
Review by Tamara Opar.
Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 4-7.
Can Rosie the Raven.
  Helga Bansch. Translated by Shelley Tanaka.
Review by Aileen Wortley.
Kindergarten-grade 3 / Ages 5-8.
Can As a Boy.
  Plan International.
Review by Ellen Heaney.
Grades 1-4 / Ages 6-9.
Can Elliott’s Guide to Dinosaurs.
  Elliott Seah.
Review by Gail Hamilton.
Grades 3-5 / Ages 8-10.
Can Beauty Queen. (Whatever After).
  Sarah Mlynowski.
Review by Crystal Sutherland.
Grades 3-7 / Ages 8-12.
Can Vanished: True Tales of Mysterious Disappearances.
  Elizabeth MacLeod.
Review by Val Ken Lem.
Grades 4-7 / Ages 9-12.
Can Go Home Bay.
  Susan Vande Griek. Pictures by Pascal Milelli.
Review by Barbara McNeil.
Grades 4-8 / Ages 9-13.
Can Taz’s Recipe. (Orca Currents).
  Diane Tullson.
Review by Lacey Hall.
Grades 5-9 / Ages 10-14.
Can Sand.
  Luanne Armstrong.
Review by Bev Brenna.
Grades 6-8 / Ages 11-13.
Can If This is Home.
  Kristine Scarrow.
Review by Cate Carlyle.
Grades 7-10 / Ages 12-15.
Can Dead Girls Society.
  Michelle Krys.
Review by Ann Ketcheson.
Grades 7-10 / Ages 12-15.
Can Irena’s Children: A True Story of Courage. Young Readers Edition.
  Tilar Mazzeo. Adapted by Mary Cronk Farrell.
Review by Ruth Latta.
Grades 7 and up / Ages 12 and up.
Can Forest of Ruin. (The Age of Legends Trilogy, #3).
  Kelley Armstrong.
Review by Kim Aippersbach.
Grades 8-10 / Ages 13-15.
Can Small Displays of Chaos.
  Breanna Fischer.
Review by Chasity Findlay.
Grades 9 and up / Ages 14 and up.
Can Delilah Dirk and the King’s Shilling.
  Tony Cliff.
Review by Joanne Peters.
Grades 10 and up / Ages 15 and up.

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