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Table of Contents

Volume XXIV Number 38
June 1, 2018

Book Reviews
Can Everything I Know About Poop.  
  Jaume Copons. Illustrated by Mercé Gali.
Review by Dave Jenkinson.
Preschool / Ages 1-4.
Can Mallard, Mallard, Moose.
  Lori Doody.
Review by Courtney Crocker.
Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 3-7.
Can Space. (All About).
  Géraldine Krasinski. Illustrated by Tiago Americo.
Review by Dave Jenkinson.
Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 4-7.
Can The Bagel King.
  Andrew Larsen. Illustrated by Sandy Nichols.
Review by Harriet Zaidman.
Preschool-grade 3 / Ages 4-8.
Can The Magician’s Secret.
  Zachary Hyman. Illustrated by Joe Bluhm.
Review by Janice Foster.
Kindergarten-grades 4 / Ages 5-9.
Can A Whale’s World. (My Great Bear Rainforest).
  Ian McAllister & Nicholas Read.
Review by Gillian Richardson.
Grades 1-4 / Ages 6-9.
Can Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein.
  Linda Bailey. Illustrated by Júlia Sardŕ.
Review by Kelsey Sukich.
Grades 2 and up / Ages 7 and up.
Can 5-Minute Stories for Fearless Girls.
  Sarah Howden. Illustrated by Nick Craine.
Review by Ellen Heaney.
Grades 3-6 / Ages 8-11.
Can Mistasinîy: Buffalo Rubbing Stone.
  Mary Harelkin Bishop. Illustrated by Heaven Starr.
Review by Lonnie Freedman.
Grades 3-8 / Ages 8-13.
Can Canadian Survival. (Countdown to Danger).
  Jeff Szpirglas.
Review by Karen Rankin.
Grades 4-6 / Ages 9-11.
Can The Ghost Road.
  Charis Cotter.
Review by Tara Stieglitz.
Grades 4-7 / Ages 9-12.
Can A World Below.
  Wesley King.
Review by Christina Neigel.
Grades 5-9 / Ages 10-14.
Can Bright Shining Moment.
  Deb Loughead.
Review by Ruth Latta.
Grades 5-9 / Ages 10-14.
Can Oculum.
  Philippa Dowding.
Review by Ronald Hore.
Grades 6-9 / Ages 11-14.
Can The Land of Yesterday.
  K. A. Reynolds.
Review by Mary Thomas.
Grades 6-9 / Ages 11-14.
Can Half the Lies You Tell Are Not True.
  Dave Paddon. Illustrated by Duncan Major.
Review by Inderjit Deogun.
Grades 6 and up / Ages 11 and up.
Can Stowaway.
  Pam Withers.
Review by Jonine Bergen.
Grades 8 and up / Ages 13 and up.
Can The Spoon Asylum.
  Caroline Misner.
Review by Ann Ketcheson.
Grades 9-12 / Ages 14-17.
Can The Third Act.
  John Wilson. Based on the Screenplay by Xiaoming Yao.
Review by Sarah Wethered.
Grades 10 and up / Ages 16 and up.
Can Hope.
  Lovern Kindzierski. Art by John Bolton.
Review by Joanne Peters.
Grades 10 and up / Ages 15 and up.

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