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Table of Contents

Volume III Number 2
September 20, 1996

Book Reviews

cdnMy Arctic 1,2,3.
Michael Arvaarluk Kusugak. Illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka.
Review by Naomi Gerrard.
Preschool - grade 2 / Ages 3 - 7.

cdnWild Cats - Cougars, Bobcats and Lynx.
Deborah Hodge. Edited by Valerie Wyatt. Illustrated by Nancy Grey Ogle.
Review by Joan Payzant.
Preschool - grade 4 / Ages 4 - 9.

cdnHave You Seen Bugs?
Joanne Oppenheim. Illustrated by Ron Broda.
Review by Naomi Gerrard.
Kindergarten - grade 2 / Ages 5 - 7.

cdnThe Velveteen Rabbit or How Toys Become Real.
Margery Williams. Illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith.
Review by Harriet Zaidman.
Kindergarten - grade 4 / Ages 5 - 9.

cdnMelody Mooner Takes Lessons.
Frank B. Edwards. Illustrated by John Bianchi.
Review by Brian Rountree.
Kindergarten - grade 4 / Ages 5 - 9.

cdnI Can Make Costumes.
Mary Wallace.
Review by Lorraine Douglas.
Grades 3 - 6 / Ages 8 - 11.

cdnThe Secret Wish of Nannerl Mozart.
Barbara Kathleen Nickel. Edited by Rhea Tregebov.
Review by Joan Payzant.
Grades 4 - 7 / Ages 9 - 12.

cdnHow Can a Frozen Detective Stay Hot on the Trail?
Linda Bailey.
Review by Irene Gordon.
Grades 4 - 8 / Ages 9 - 13.

cdnNorthwest Territories.
Richard W. Daitch.
Review by Brian Rountree.
Grades 4 - 8 / Ages 9 - 13.

cdnSing Like A Hermit Thrush.
Richard G. Green.
Review by Joan Payzant.
Grades 4 - 9 / Ages 9 - 14.

cdnAfter the War.
Carol Matas.
Review by Ian Stewart.
Grades 7 - 9 / Ages 12 - 14.

cdnThru the Smoky End Boards, Canadian Poetry about Sports and Games.
Edited by Kevin Brooks and Sean Brooks.
Review by Rory Runnells.
Grades 10 and up / Ages 15 and up.

CD-ROM Review

cdnBeyond the Sambatyon: The Myth of the Ten Lost Tribes.
Creative Multimedia.
Review by Harriet Zaidman.
Grades 5 - 10 / Ages 10 - 15.

From the Archive

cdn 1986 Notable Canadian Children's Fiction.
Feature story by Judith Saltman.
Originally published 1988.

cdn The Blue Jean Collection
Edited by Peter Carver
Book review by Joyce Brown.
Review originally published May/June 1994.

cdn Wanderer's First Summer
Janice Erbach.
Book review by Joan Payzant.
Review originally published October 1992.

C-EdRes Web Site Reviews

INTNickNacks: Learning Together Around the World.
Review by Nancy Schubert.

cdnCMARGIN Notes
Review by Will Sanford.

Review by Gilles Bourque.


cdn Notable Canadian Videos Part II.
Reviews by Lorrie Andersen.

In the Mailbox

int Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense.
Letter from Aron Trauring.

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