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CM editor finds full-time job in the 90s!

Whew, that was quick! It was just three issues ago, I was introducing myself to CM readers and now, I'm saying goodbye.

I'll be leaving CM after this issue to become Projects Director of the Association of Manitoba Book Publishers and Managing Editor of the magazine Prairie Books NOW, a full-time position(s). Though my time here was brief, it was thoroughly enjoyable and, if the position at CM were full- instead of part-time, I would surely stay.

Peter Tittenberger will remain Managing Editor of CM and I will do some freelance copy editing in order to help him out.

CM remains one of the finest electronic journals in existence. Keep reading!

Charmagne de Veer


In the Mailbox

Dear CM:

I really enjoyed reading Janice Foster's review of Hazel Hutchins' book [Yancy and Bear]. Hazel is a fireball of energy and a really "pumped up" writer of children's literature. And Canadian. Hooray for "us!"

Floyd Spracklin


Table of Contents

Volume III Number 9
January 3, 1997

Book Reviews

cdnMolly Brown is Not a Clown.
Linda Rogers and Rick Van Krugel.
Review by Harriet Zaidman.
Grades 4 - 6 / Ages 9 - 11.

cdnThe Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Victor Hugo. Retold by Tim Wynne-Jones. Illustrated by Bill Slavin.
Review by Leslie Millar.
Grades 4 and up / Ages 9 and up.

cdnLe Gros Cadeau du petit Marcus.
Gilles Gauthier. Illustrated by Pierre-Andrérome.
Review by Kathleen Kellett-Betsos.
Grades 6 - 8 / Ages 11 - 13.

cdnPlace Names of Atlantic Canada.
William B. Hamilton.
Review by Joan Payzant.
Grades 6 and up / Ages 11 and up.

cdnThe Lie That Had to Be.
Sharon Gibson Palermo.
Review by Kathleen Kellett-Betsos.
Grades 8 - 10 / Ages 13 - 15.

cdnA Really Good Brown Girl.
Marilyn Dumont.
Review by Harriet Zaidman.
Grades 9 - 12 / Ages 14 - 17.

cdnWillow Wind Blows No Evil.
Jamie D. Kucey.
Review by Katheryn Broughton.
Grades 10 and up / Ages 15 and up.

cdnThe Ideal Dog and Other Delusions.
Tom Henry.
Review by Joan Payzant.

cdnsearching for the nude in the landscape.
Byrna Barclay.
Review by Deborah Mervold.

Video Review

cdnLogging By Rail In Algonquin Park. The Fassett Lumber Corporation's Fossmill, Ontario Operation. Circa 1930.
Review by Tom Chambers.
Grades 7 and up / Ages 12 and up.


cdnSave me a byte - cultural preservation on the World Wide Web.
Feature by Charmagne de Veer.

From the CM Archive

cdnCoastal View.
Kit Pearson on Being a B.C. Writer.
Feature first published September 1994.

cdnHawk and Stretch.
Bernice Thurman Hunter.
Book review by Norma Charles.
First published May/June 1994.

cdnSoldier Boys.
David Richards.
Book review by Caroline Thomson.
First published November 1993.


cdnBulletin Board.

C-EdRes Web Site Review

intTeacher's Edition Online.
Review by Melissa Canam.

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Managing Editor
Peter Tittenberger

Charmagne de Veer

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