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Teresa Toten
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Table of Contents
Volume IX Number 6
November 15, 2002

Book Reviews

Can Winter Is.
  Ann Dixon. Illustrated by Mindy Dwyer.
Review by Catherine Hoyt.
Preschool-grade 1 /Ages 3-6.
Can Out on the Prairie: A Canadian Counting Book.
  Cora Taylor. Illustrated by Pat Stephens.
Review by Dave Jenkinson.
Preschool-grade 2 /Ages 4-7.
Can Jasperís Day.
  Marjorie Blain Parker. Illustrated by Janet Wilson.
Review by Sylvia Pantaleo.
Preschool-grade 4 /Ages 5-9.
Can The Fire: An Ethiopian Folk Tale.
  Heinz Janisch. Illustrated by Fabricio VandenBroeck. Translated by Shelley Tanaka.
Review by Denise Weir.
Preschool-grade 5 /Ages 5-11.
Can I Can Make That! Fantastic Crafts for Kids.
  Mary Wallace.
Review by Lorraine Douglas.
Preschool-grade 5 /Ages 4-10.
Can A Pod of Orcas: A Seaside Counting Book.
  Sheryl McFarlane. Illustrated by Kirsti Anne Wakelin.
Review by Cora Lee.
Preschool and up /Ages 2 and up.
Can Victory at Paradise Hill.
  William Roy Brownridge.
Review by Reesa Cohen.
Kindergarten-grade 3 /Ages 5-8.
Can Long Shot. (Watch out for Joel!).
  Sigmund Brouwer. Illustrated by Tammie Lyon.
Review by Christina Neigel.
Grades 1-3 /Ages 6-8.
Can Bad Bug Blues. (Watch out for Joel!).
  Sigmund Brouwer. Illustrated by Tammie Lyon.
Review by Christina Neigel.
Grades 1-3 /Ages 6-8.
Can The Name of the Child.
  Marilynn Reynolds. Illustrated by Don Kilby.
Review by Gail Hamilton.
Grades 1-3 /Ages 6-8.
Can Twilight Fairies.
  Nancy Hundal. Illustrated by Don Kilby.
Review by Alison Mews
Grades 1-4 /Ages 6-9.
Can Welcome to the World of Wild Horses. (Welcome to the World).
  Diane Swanson.
Review by Gillian Noonan.
Grades 2-5 /Ages 7-10.
Can Elizabeth: Bless This House. (Our Canadian Girl).
  Anne Laurel Carter. Illustrated by James Bentley.
Review by Dave Jenkinson.
Grades 3-5 /Ages 8-10.
Can Summer of Suspense. (Science Squad Adventure Series #1).
  Kristin Butcher.
Review by Barbara A. McMillan.
Grades 3-6 /Ages 8-12.
Can Andrei and the Snow Walker. (In the Same Boat).
  Larry Warwaruk.
Review by Anne Letain.
Grades 4-6 /Ages 9-11.
Can The Secret Life of Owen Skye.
  Alan Cumyn.
Review by Liz Greenaway.
Grades 4-7 /Ages 9-12.
Can Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones.
  Patricia C. Wrede.
Review by Helen Arkos.
Grades 5-8 /Ages 10-13.
Can Star Wars: Boba Fett: The Fight to Survive.
  Terry Bisson.
Review by Helen Arkos.
Grades 5-8 /Ages 10-13.
Can In the Key of Do.
  Carole Fréchette. Translated by Susan Ouriou.
Review by Betsy Fraser.
Grades 6-9 /Ages 11-14.
Can Generals Die in Bed: A Story From the Trenches.
  Charles Yale Harrison.
Review by Darleen Golke.
Grades 8 and up /Ages 13 and up.
Can A Foreign Field.
  Gillian Chan.
Review by Tom Knutson.
Grades 8-12 /Ages 13-17.
Can Losing Forever.
  Gayle Friesen.
Review by Jennifer L. Branch.
Grades 8-12 /Ages 14-18.
Can Tribes.
  Arthur Slade.
Review by Joanne Peters.
Grades 10 and up /Ages 15 and up.

Video Reviews

Can Black and White Rhinos. (Champions of the Wild).
  Christian Bruyère (Director & Producer). Michael Chechik (Executive Producer).
Review by Harriet Zaidman.
Kindergarten and up /Ages 5 and up.
Can A Drop in the Ocean.
  Lise Éthier (Director). Yves Bisaillon (Producer).
Review by Helen Norrie.
Grades 11 and up /Ages 16 and up.



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