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Table of Contents

Volume XIV Number 9
December 21, 2007

Book Reviews
Can Welcome Song for Baby: A Lullaby for Newborns.
  Richard Van Camp.
Review by Dave Jenkinson.
Birth-preschool / Ages 0-2.
Int Here is the Arctic Winter.
  Madeleine Dunphy. Illustrated by Alan James Robinson.
Review by Gillian Richardson.
Preschool-grade 3 / Ages 3-8.
Int Little Polar Bear and the Reindeer.
  Hans de Beer. Translated by J. Alison James.
Review by Harriet Zaidman.
Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 4-7.
Int Snowy White World to Save.
  Stephanie Lisa Tara. Illustrated by Alex Walton.
Review by Harriet Zaidman.
Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 4-7.
Int Winston of Churchill: One Bear's Battle Against Global Warming.
  Jean Davies Okimoto. Illustrated by Jeremiah Trammell.
Review by Harriet Zaidman.
Kindergarten-grade 2 / Ages 5-7.
Can Mama Robot.
  Davide Cali. Illustrated by AnnaLaura Cantone. Translated by Marcel Danesi.
Review by Gregory Bryan.
Kindergarten-grade 3 / Ages 5-8.
Can Helen Keller. (Kids Can Read).
  Elizabeth MacLeod. Illustrated by Andrej Krystoforski.
Review by Ming Wong.
Grades 1-2 / Ages 6-7.
Can Which Way Should I Go?
  Sylvia Olsen with Ron Martin. Illustrated by Kasia Charko.
Review by Gregory Bryan.
Grades 1-3 / Ages 6-8.
Can The Emperor Strikes Out. (Looney Bay All-Stars; 5).
  Helaine Becker. Illustrated by Sampar.
Review by Stacie Edgar.
Grades 2-4 / Ages 7-9.
Can Timberwolf Trap. (Orca Echoes).
  Sigmund Brouwer. Illustrated by Dean Griffiths.
Review by Jonine Bergen.
Grades 2-5 / Ages 7-10.
Can Harley's Gift. (Streetlights).
  Beth Pollock.
Review by Karen Rankin.
Grades 3-5 / Ages 8-10.
Can High Fences.
  Julie White.
Review by Myra Junyk.
Grades 4-7 / Ages 9-12.
Can Red River Ransom. (A Tom Austen Mystery).
  Eric Wilson.
Review by Mary Thomas.
Grades 4-7 / Ages 9-12.
Can Measly Middle Ages. (Horrible Histories).
  Terry Deary. Illustrated by Martin Brown.
Review by Val Ken Lem.
Grades 4-9 / Ages 9-14.
Can Wings of a Bee.
  Julie Roorda.
Review by Bryannie Kirk.
Grades 4-10 / Ages 9-15.
Can Star Power: The Legend and Love of Cyclone Taylor. (Recordbooks).
  Eric Zweig.
Review by Thomas F. Chambers.
Grades 5-8 / Ages 10-13.
Can The Castaways.
  Iain Lawrence.
Review by Pam Klassen-Dueck.
Grades 5-9 / Ages 10-14.
Can Hurricane Power. (Orca Sports).
  Sigmund Brouwer.
Review by Christina Pike.
Grades 5-9 / Ages 10-14.
Can Good Granny / Bad Granny.
  Mary McHugh. Illustrated by Patricia Storms.
Review by Dave Jenkinson.
Grades 5 and up / Ages 10 and up.
Can Passion for Fashion: Careers in Style.
  Jeanne Beker. Illustrated by Nathalie Dion.
Review by Reece Steinberg.
Grades 5 and up / Ages 10 and up.
Can Fully Woolly. (Planet Girl).
  Ellen Warwick. Illustrated by Bernice Lum.
Review by Lizanne Eastwood.
Grades 5 and up / Ages 10 and up.
Can Two Steps from the Stars.
  Jean-Rock Gaudreault. Translated by Linda Gaboriau.
Review by Jocelyn A. Dimm.
Grades 6-12 / Ages 11-17.
Can Beyond Cool.
  Bev Katz Rosenbaum.
Review by Joan Marshall.
Grades 7-9 / Ages 12-14.
Can Real Canadian Pirates: Buccaneers & Rogues of the North.
  Geordie Telfer.
Review by Thomas F. Chambers.
Grades 7 and up / Ages 12 and up.
Can Down. (Orca Soundings).
  Norah McClintock.
Review by Thomas Knutson.
Grades 8 and up / Ages 13 and up.
Can Real Caribbean Pirates: Rogues, Scoundrels, Heroes & Treasures.
  Dan Asfar.
Review by Thomas F. Chambers.
Grades 8 and up / Ages 13 and up.
Can As Fate Decrees.
  Denysť Bridger.
Review by Ronald Hore.
Grades 9 and up / Ages 14 and up.

DVD & VHS Reviews

Can Waban-aki: People from Where the Sun Rises.
  Alanis Obomsawin (Writer, Director & Producer). Sally Bochner (Executive Producer).
Review by Gail de Vos.
Grades 8 and up / Ages 13 and up.
Can Portrait of a Perfect Stranger.
  Claude Guilmain (Writer & Director). Claudette Jaiko (Producer).
Review by Frank Loreto.
Grades 10 and up / Ages 15 and up.
Can Life Inside Out: Behind the Walls of a Women's Prison.
  Sarah Zammit (Writer & Director). Peter Starr (Producer). Silva Basmajian (Executive Producer).
Review by Joanne Peters.
Grades 11 and up / Ages 16 and up.



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