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CM has recently reviewed two video titles by Lynx Images, Toronto: Stories from the Life of a City, and Ghosts of the Bay. Unfortunately, the contact information we provided was out of date.

Lynx Images may be reached at:

Lynx Images
P.O. Box 5961
Station `A'
Toronto, ON
M5W 1P4
Phone: (416) 535-4553

From the Mailbox:

Response to Really Weird Animals Review


We were very pleased to see our company represented on your site, and particularly pleased with the review of our Crabapple book, Really Weird Animals (CM Vol. II, No. 13, January 12).
We wanted to point out two errors, just for the record: Within her review, Ms. Zaidman states that, "the location of each animal's habitat is not identified, an important omission that could have been rectified either with a small map or a few words." In fact, each animal's habitat is clearly identified at the book's end, in the section called, "What is in the picture?"
Also, at the page's top, Bobbie Kalman's name is spelled incorrectly ("Bobby").

Thank you again for the exposure & review, and we look forward to seeing more of your website in the future!

Greg Nickles, Editor, Crabtree.

Harriet Zaidman replies:

The page at the end called "What is in the picture?" lists, in two columns, the pages on which photographs appeared, and gives a variety of information about the animals. It does include countries in which the animals lived, but not in an organized manner.
For example, the information for the picture on page 4 (in the first column) is: "Warthogs live on the grasslands and in some deserts of Africa." The information for the pictures on Page 20 and 21 (in the second column) is: "A male warthog has larger warts and tusks than a female." and "Warthogs are gray or black, but they may appear red or yellow because of the muddy clay that sticks to their skin."
So while the location of the animal is there, it is not apparent that this information is specifically available. It appears to be an assortment of information.
A better way of organizing this would be to put the information, including the location as well as other information, with the pictures. As it is, a child has to flip back and forth between the photographs and the back page, and hunt through the lists on the back page to get complete information about the animal.
If an adult doesn't see this right away, I think a child might not either.
This does not mean that the book is not useful! My review states its positive points.

-- H.Z.

Mr. Nickles is indisputably correct about the spelling error, however, which was not Ms. Zaidman's; it was a typo which crept in while I was editing.

My apologies -- we'll fix it in the archives.

-- D.T.

 Book Reviews

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Barbara Smucker. Illustrated by Janet Wilson.
Review by Margaret Ross.
Kindergarten - grade 3 / Ages 5 - 8.

 Wesakejack and the Flood.
Bill Ballantyne. Illustrated by Linda Mullin.
Review by Margaret Ross.
Preschool - grade 6 / Ages 4 - 11.

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Louise Leblanc. Illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay.
Translated by Sarah Halifax Cummins from Sophie est en Danger.
Review by A. Edwardsson.
Grades 3 - 5 / Ages 8 - 10.

 The Root Cellar. 2nd ed.
Janet Lunn. Illustrated by Scott Cameron.
Review by John D. Crawford.
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 The Coastline of Forgetting.
Leslie Choyce.
Review by Pat Bolger.
Grades 9 and up / Ages 14 and up.

 William Hutt: Masks and Faces.
Edited by Keith Garebian.
Review by Pat Bolger.
Grades 10 and up / Ages 15 and up.


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