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Table of Contents
Volume VII Number 20
June 8, 2001

Book Reviews

canFranklin Plants a Tree. (A Franklin TV Storybook).
Sharon Jennings. Illustrated by Sean Jeffrey, Mark Koren and Jelena Sisic.
Review by Dave Jenkinson.
Preschool - grade 2 / Ages 3 - 7.

cdn One Special Tree.
Olena Kassian.
Review by Lorraine Douglas.
Preschool - grade 2 / Ages 4 - 7.

canTreasure for Lunch.
Shenaaz Nanji. Illustrated by Yvonne Cathcart.
Review by Sylvia Pantaleo.
Preschool - grade 3 / Ages 4 - 8.

canThere is Music in a Pussycat. (A First Flight Level One Reader).
Richard Thompson. Illustrated by Barbara Hartmann.
Review by Gillian Richardson.
Kindergarten - grade 1 / Ages 5 - 6.

can 2000-2001 Hockey Superstars.
Paul Romanuk.
Review by Cora Lee.
Grades 1 - 8 / Ages 6 - 13.

canThe Freezing Moon.
Becky Citra.
Review by Betsy Fraser.
Grades 3 - 5 / Ages 8 - 10.

intKing Arthur.
Andrew Matthews. Illustrated by Peter Utton.
Review by L.M. Sykes.
Grades 3 - 6 / Ages 8 - 11.

can Marilou's Long Nose. (First Novel Series).
Raymond Plante. Illustrated by Marie-Claude Favreau. Translated by Sarah Cummins.
Review by Gillian Richardson.
Grades 3 - 5 / Ages 8 - 10.

canIn the Clear.
Anne Laurel Carter.
Review by Sheila Alexander.
Grades 4 - 7 / Ages 9 - 12.

canCanada Through the Decades.
The 1900s.
Elizabeth Salomons.
The 1910s.
Rennay Craats.
The 1920s.
Douglas Baldwin & Patricia Baldwin.
The 1930s.
Douglas Baldwin & Patricia Baldwin.
The 1940s.
Rennay Craats.
The 1950s.
Carlotta Hacker.
The 1960s.
Rosemary Shipton.
The 1970s.
Rennay Craats.
The 1980s.
Janice Parker.
The 1990s.
Lauri Seidlitz.
Review by Gail Hamilton.
Grades 4 - 9 / Ages 9 - 14.

can The Lands, Peoples and Culture Series.
Japan, the Land.
Japan, the People.
Japan, the Culture.
Bobbie Kalman.
China, the Land.
China, the People.
China, the Culture.
Bobbie Kalman.
India, the Land.
India, the People.
India, the Culture.
Bobbie Kalman.
Nigeria, the Land.
Nigeria, the People.
Nigeria, the Culture.
Anne Rosenberg.
Argentina, the Land.
Argentina, the People.
Argentina, the Culture.
Greg Nickles.
Review by Gail Hamilton.
Grades 4 - 9 / Ages 9 - 14.

canAfter Hamelin.
Bill Richardson.
Review by Susan Fonseca.
Grades 5 and up / Ages 10 and up.

canLost in Spain.
John Wilson.
Review by Betsy Fraser.
Grades 6 - 8 / Ages 11 - 13.

canWe Are the Dead.
Larry Gray.
Review by Alexander D. Gregor.
Grades 12 and up / Ages 17 and up.

Video Reviews

canThe Fairy Faith.
John Walker (Director). Sally Bochner (Producer).
Review by Gillian Martin Noonan.
Grades 5 and up / Ages 10 and up.

canMcGill, Mahler & Montreal.
Robert Chesterman (Director). Robert Chesterman (Producer, Prometheus Productions), George Johnson (Producer, NFB).
Review by Gillian Martin Noonan.
Grades 7 and up / Ages 12 and up.


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