CM May 10, 1996. Vol II, Number 30

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From the Editor

We're putting this issue of CM together on a short schedule, because Peter and I are involved as presenters at the 1996 M.L.A. Conference. The upshot is that we're too busy talking about the Internet to spend much time on it; thus, there's no "Notable Web Sites" feature this week.

And just a note about an omission: in our review of Don't tell anyone, but -- UFO experience in Canada, CM failed to credit William Gabriel for the cover design and much of the interior illustration. Our apologies.

As always, please send any comments to the address beneath my name.

-- Duncan Thornton

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Duncan Thornton

Executive Assistant
Peter Tittenberger

Book Reviews

CDNTime to Eat:
Animals Who Hide and Save Their Food.

Little Wonders:
Animal Babies and Their Families.
Marilyn Baillie. Illustrated by Romi Caron.
Review by Luella Sumner.
Kindergarten - grade 4 / Ages 5 - 9.

CDNCanada: Its Land and People.
Don Massey and Patricia Shields.
Review by Michel F. Kallio.
Grades 4 - 6 / Ages 9 - 11.

CDNThe Reluctant Deckhand.
Jan Padgett. Illustrated by Amanda Forbis.
Review by Leslie Millar.
Grades 5 - 6 / Ages 10 - 11.

CDNNotes Across the Aisle.
Edited by Peter Carver.
Review by Grace Shaw.
Grades 9 and up / Ages 14 and up.

CDNFear of Words:
Censorship and the Public Libraries of Canada.
Alvin M. Schrader.
Review by Maryleah Otto.
Professional / Post-Secondary.

CDNThe Reluctant Deckhand.
Teacher's Guide.
Review by Leslie Millar.

Video Reviews

CDNThe Reluctant Deckhand.
Written and Directed by Jan Padgett.
Review by Leslie Millar.
Grades 3 - 6 / Ages 8 - 11.

CDNRun, Sockeye, Run:
The Life Cycle of the Sockeye Salmon.
Diana French.
Review by Janice Foster.
Grades 4 - 10 / Ages 9 - 15.

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