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News and Awards
Governor General's Awards.
Retrospective look at Children's Literature Awards.

"Something to Remember Me By" Legacy Project New
Free Mother's Day Activity Guide & Contest:
Have you told mom or grandma your best memories of her or what she's taught you that you'll always remember? As a national initiative to connect generations and explore traditions and life lessons passed down, the "Something to Remember Me By" Legacy Project is being launched for Mother's Day. FREE Activity Guide includes storytelling, teachable moments, crafts, Best Memory certificates children can complete for mom, history of Mother's Day, listing of websites & books. There's also a Mother's Day Essay Contest.

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Table of Contents
Volume VII Number 17
April 27, 2001

Book Reviews

canFinding Kate's Shoes.
Erica Dornbusch.
Review by Luella Sumner.
Preschool / Ages 2 - 4.

canA Memory Scrapbook for Kids Series.
My Father and Me.
My Baby Sister and Me.
My Mother and Me.
My Baby Brother and Me.
Jane Drake and Ann Love. Illustrated by Scot Ritchie.
Review by Janice Foster.
Preschool - grade 2 / Ages 3 - 7.

can Munschworks 3: The Third Munsch Treasury.
Robert N. Munsch and Michael Kusugak. Illustrated by Michael Martchenko and Vladyana Krykorka.
Review by Dave Jenkinson.
Preschool - grade 2 / Ages 2 - 7.

canThree Tales of Three. (Once-upon-a-time).
Marilyn Helmer, reteller. Illustrated by Chris Jackson.
Review by Sylvia Pantaleo.
Preschool - grade 4 / Ages 4 - 9.

canEh? To Zed: A Canadian AbeCedarium.
Kevin Major. Illustrated by Alan Daniel.
Review by Reesa Cohen.
Preschool and up / Ages 4 and up.

can The Grandmother Doll.
Alice L. Bartels. Illustrated by Dusan Petricic.
Review by Catherine Hoyt.
Kindergarten - grade 2 / Ages 5 - 7.

intThe Strange Adventures of Blue Dog.
Jean Van Leeuwen. Illustrated by Marco Ventura.
Review by Lisa Sykes.
Kindergarten - grade 4 / Ages 5 - 9.

canMake-a-Saurus: My Life With Raptors and Other Dinosaurs.
Brian Cooley and Mary Ann Wilson.
Reviewed by Ian Stewart.
Grades 2 and up / Ages 7 and up.

canFred's Midnight Prowler. (First Novel Series).
Marie-Danielle Croteau. Illustrated by Bruno St-Aubin. Translated by Sarah Cummins.
Review by Gillian Richardson.
Grades 3 - 5 / Ages 8 - 10.

canHow Can a Brilliant Detective Shine in the Dark? (A Stevie Diamond Mystery, 6).
Linda Bailey.
Review by Jennifer Johnson.
Grades 3 - 6 / Ages 8 - 11.

cdn Anne of Green Gables.
L.M. Montgomery. Illustrated by Laura Fernandez and Rick Jacobson.
Review by Val Nielsen.
Grades 3 and up / Ages 8 and up.

intWater Park. (Malcolm in the Middle, 2).
Tom Mason & Dan Danko (Adapters).
Review by Deborah Mervold.
Grades 4 - 9 / Ages 9 - 14.

canRookie Season. (Sports Stories, 42).
Jacqueline Guest.
Review by Helen Arkos.
Grades 5 - 8 / Ages 10 - 13.

Carol Matas.
Review by Kristin Butcher.
Grades 5 - 9 / Ages 10 - 14.

canBy the Standing Stone.
Maxine Trottier.
Review by Darleen Golke.
Grades 6 - 10 / Ages 11 - 15.

canRaven's Flight.
Diane Silvey.
Review by Cora Lee.
Grades 6 and up / Ages 11 and up.

canWrestling With the Angel: Women Reclaiming their Lives.
Caterina Edwards & Kay Stewart, (Eds).
Review by Mary Thomas.
Grades 11 and up / Ages 16 and up.

Video Reviews

canPostcards From Canada.
Sally Bochner & Don Haig (Executive Producers).
Review by Janice Foster.
Grades 2 and up / Ages 7 and up.

canWild Goose Chase.
Leonard Gilday (Director). Gillian Darling Kovanic (Producer, NFB), Michael Allder (Producer, CBC).
Review by Harriet Zaidman.
Grades 3 - 8 / Ages 8 - 13.

canCanvas of War: The Art of World War II.
Michael Ostroff (Director). Seaton Findlay (Writer). Neil Bregman (Producer).
Review by Alexander D. Gregor.
Grades 10 and up / Ages 15 and up.

cdn Riel Country.
Martin Duckworth. (Director). Jacques Vallee and Joe MacDonald (Producers).
Review by Joanne Peters.
Grades 10 and up / Ages 15 and up.


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