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By Dave Jenkinson.

Don Aker Don Aker Rosalind Allchin Rosalind Allchin
Matt Beam Matt Beam Andrea Beck Andrea Beck
Mary Harelkin Bishop Mary Harelkin Bishop High Brewster Hugh Brewster
Jo Ellen Bogart Jo Ellen Bogart Rick Book Rick Book
David Boyd David Boyd Bev brenna Beverley Brenna
Kristin Butcher Kristin Butcher Anne Carter Anne Carter
Timothy Carter Timothy Carter Marty Chan Marty Chan
Kristyn Dunnion Kristyn Dunnion Hadley Dyer Hadley Dyer
Deborah Ellis Deborah Ellis Gayle Friesen Gayle Friesen
Michelle Gilders Michelle Gilders Rachna Gilmore Rachna Gilmore
Linda Granfield Linda Granfield Sylvia Gunnery Sylvia Gunnery
Kathy Holubitsky Kathy Holubitsky Glen Huser Glen Huser
Christina Kilbourne Susan Juby Rukhsana Khan Rukhsana Khan
Christina Kilbourne Christina Kilbourne Darren Krill Darren Krill
Karen Krossing Karen Krossing Laura Langston Laura Langston
Dianne Linden Dianne Linden Loris Lesynski Loris Lesynski
Wendy Lewis Wendy Lewis Celia Lottridge Celia Lottridge
Nicole Luiken Nicole Luiken Roy MacGregor Roy MacGregor
Rod macintyreRod MacIntyre Liz Macleod Liz Macleod
C. K. Kelly Martin C. K. Kelly Martin Norah McClintock Norah McClintock
Sharon McKay Sharon McKay Sharon McKay Jill Maclean
Joe McLellan Joe McLellan Janet McNaughton Janet McNaughton
Sylvia McNicoll Sylvia McNicoll Kenneth OppelKenneth Oppel
Caroline Pignat Caroline Pignat Pamela Porter Pamela Porter
Bev Katz Rosenbaum Bev Katz Rosenbaum Richard Scarsbrook Richard Scarsbrook
Virginia Schwartz Virginia Schwartz Richard Scrimger Richard Scrimger
Mary Shaw Mary Shaw Marsha Skrypuch Marsha Skrypuch
Sharon Stewart Sharon Stewart Kathy Stinson Kathy Stinson
C. J. Taylor C. J. Taylor Marnelle Tokio Marnelle Tokio
Teresa Toten Teresa Toten
Larry Verstraete Larry Verstraete Eric Walters Eric Walters
Joan Weir Joan Weir Elizabeth Wennick Elizabeth Wennick
Frieda Wishinsky Frieda Wishinsky John Wilson John Wilson
Eva Wiseman Eva Wiseman Pam Withers Pam Withers

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